42 is a non-profit institution and we maintain ourselves through the support of companies and donations from individuals who want to join our purpose of:

  • Offer quality education.

  • Contribute to the development and training of technology professionals.

  • Transform people’s lives and the environment in which we live.

This support is essential to finance our structure, activities, projects and initiatives developed for our students and future students who project at 42 an opportunity to redefine their trajectory and change their future.



As we are part of a global network with more than 30 campuses around the world, the school is positioned as one of the most innovative in recent times.


Being close to people who are being prepared and developing technical and socio-emotional skills to face challenges, have autonomy in their journeys and design changes.

" 42 allowed me to believe that it's never too late, dreams can come true, it just takes willpower and commitment even more in a world full of technology and innovation!"

Renan Almeida
28 yo - Cosmos - RJ

“ I believe that 42 is the invitation to travel a path of self-knowledge, learning and new experiences where everything depends exclusively on me. ”

Gabriel Branco
24 yo - Morro da Providência - RJ

" It represents a key change in my life.
42 will help me to meet different people, with different knowledge and a way of learning without “shackles”, giving me the possibility to learn more and in an immersive way. "

Thaís Xavier
23 yo - Tijuca - RJ

“We hope that the partnership with 42 will produce great results for the country. We have a huge potential in the area of technology and innovation to explore, but we need trained professionals who think outside the box to undertake. The School comes to meet this need and we are happy to be part of it.”

Hector GusmãoFábrica de Startups, CEO and Co-founder

“I don't know anything like 42: a free school, with no prerequisites, open to everyone and that trains its students in computer science at the same level as the best universities in the world. The future of higher education has arrived.”

Lucas GianniniFundação Behring, Executive Director

“We believe that quality education is everyone’s right and that is why we want to make inclusive education possible, through long-term partnerships with recognized institutions in the market that have synergy with our proposal to reduce inequalities in technology.”

Ana FelicianoHurb, Head of PR & Education

“For Vale, knowledge and culture are powerful instruments for social transformation. We are pleased to sponsor 42|RIO and celebrate its role in expanding people's horizons through inclusive and free education for all. We believe that the school brings with it an opportunity to offer a future of possibilities for students, bringing opportunities in a vibrant universe such as technology and innovation”

Christiana SaldanhaInstituto Cultural Vale, Manager

“By supporting 42|Rio, we believe that we are contributing to a better and more inclusive society through the training of qualified, committed and motivated technology professionals and also towards a more innovative and technological city”

Paula RochaInstituto Dynamo, Executive Director

“At Telles Foundation we understand that a careful selection of our partners is essential for our purpose to become a reality for so many young people in search of growth opportunities. 42|RIO achieves this purpose by working with digital education, being in Rio de Janeiro and seeking to increasingly expand its activities with low-income young people in an extremely innovative way. The 42|RIO team comforts us that we will achieve our mission of transforming our dream into the dream of so many young Brazilians.”

Luiza GuntovitchTelles Foundation, Director


If you are interested in knowing more about the project, please contact us at We will be delighted to introduce you to 42|RIO.